Wombat plumbing Cairns

At last a plumber you can trust to do the job right every time.

Call   Wombat   Plumbing   and   you   deal   with   same   guy   that   you   can   rely   on   each   and   every time.    Because    I   AM    Wombat    Plumbing    and    my    livelihood    depends    on    YOU    THE CUSTOMER   being   happy   100%   of   the   time.   No   more   inexperienced   plumbers   who   do half   botched   jobs,   and   no   more   plumbers   who   don't   give   a   hoot   about   your   pipes,   as long as the boss pays them.  I am the most honest plumber in Cairns (ask my mum and she will say "the world"). I do the following types of work for houses and units, body corps, hotels and for rentals: all the normal plumbing stuff (taps, sewerage, leaks etc) roofing and guttering including gutter cleaning all types of gas work hot water heaters water proofing high pressure cleaning for driveways backflow prevention devices In short anything to do with water and pipes in Cairns You name it I do it.
Wombat Plumbing Cairns No travel fee Includes GST $110 1st hr
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Leaky tap? Leaky tap? Leaky tap? Full service Fixed price include parts  $110 1st pair $44 each pair thereafter Gutter Clean Gutter Clean Gutter Clean Fixed price  $110  For a single storey/3 bedroom house.