General household plumbing

I fix all kinds of leaks, repair taps and showers, fix and replace toilets, unblock toilets and drains, and fix your backflow problems. Hot water heaters Repair, install and replace all kinds of hot water heaters.  Because I have a limited electrical license you don’t need to pay for 2 tradesmen, thus saving you money and getting your hot water up and running quicker.

All types of Gas work

I    am    a    fully    qualified    gasfitter    so    can    install    and    repair    kitchen    gas appliances   and   anything   else   you   have   that   runs   on   LPG   or ANY   type   of   gas at all.

Guttering and storm water pipes

I clean, repair and install roof guttering, down pipes and storm water pipes. I clear leaves and debris from the whole roof, not just the gutters. Fixed rate of $110


I fix and replace all types of roofs. Call me to fix your leaky roof before the next wet season. Sewerage I install and repair sewer lines. Nothing more I love to fix than leaky poo pipes. High water pressure cleaning of driveways etc. I clean driveways, roofs and anything else you would like to look brand new using high water pressure cleaning equipment.
Wombat Plumbing Cairns No travel fee Includes GST $110 1st hr